An online, slow paced, war and city building game.

It's a free indie game without any pay-to-win.


Update 83 Just a small hotfix patch to remove the iron cost from the Temporary Basement so you can build it from early game. Also fixed the summary description for the Training Ground Kickstart technology to have correct number of troops.
New world and update 82 We've introduced a new type of structure, the Temporary Basement, which will help you protect your resources while you are away. Also the battle has received some tweaks. Click this announcement to see all of the changes.
Update 81 This update brings map filters. You can now click on the world map legend to hide/show the different icons on the map. We also optimized the way your computer communicates to our servers to try and minimize the lag and allow you to play from...
Update 80 This update lowers the amount that the Stronghold gate will scale by about half. You can find the new values in this post. We also added a new image to the troop when they are over a wall so it looks much better.
Previous Graphics "Open Sourced" We've put up all the previous game graphics for anyone to use who wishes to make their own games. You can find it on OpenGameArt at