An online, slow paced, war and city building game.

It's a free indie game without any pay-to-win.


Store Is Open! The store is open. You can now purchase supporter achievements and a new Shipwrecked Pirate theme in the game.
Update 85 Added ability to edit assignment description and fixed a bug where the stronghold gate would not be restored to full HP after it was taken over.
Update 84 Lowered the Archers damage against Cavalry, removed iron requirements for building Workshop, lowered Helepolis laborer cost at higher levels, and some bug fixes. View the entire changelog for more details.
Update 83 Just a small hotfix patch to remove the iron cost from the Temporary Basement so you can build it from early game. Also fixed the summary description for the Training Ground Kickstart technology to have correct number of troops.
New world and update 82 We've introduced a new type of structure, the Temporary Basement, which will help you protect your resources while you are away. Also the battle has received some tweaks. Click this announcement to see all of the changes.