A multiplayer, slow paced, city building and war game.

A free indie game without any pay-to-win.


World map data is now publicly available
If you have been around for a while, you probably recall the awesome world map Slaren made for Tribal Hero. His map allowed for much better searching than what we currently support in the game. Sadly Slaren stopped working on the map and the map stopped working as the game changed. In order to gather all of the data necessary, Slaren wrote his own game client which was a ton of work and extremely likely to break as the game updates.

We've now officially made the map data available to anyone who wishes to build tools for the game. You can access the data for the current world at http://tribblez.tribalhero.com/map.json. The data will be updated every 30 minutes. Feel free to make any tools that might prove useful to the community and make sure to share it on our subreddit at http://reddit.com/r/tribalhero. We do ask that you make these tools publicly available so everyone can benefit and to make the source code available as well.

If someone would be able to make the old map work again, you can find the original source code at https://github.com/slaren/th-map-viewer. It's just a matter of making the map work with the new data format.
Update 91
Fixed an issue where low level Strongholds had a much higher chance to spawn.
An intro video to Tribal Hero
One of our players made a great intro video showing the basics of the game.


And make sure to subscribe to his channel for more gaming videos.
New World. Lots of changes.
The new world is online. Troops will train in half the time and cost half the resources, new road set in the store, more Strongholds to battle over and more. This is going to be one of the best Tribal Hero seasons ever.

  • Killing units in Strongholds will now give the player who gets the final blow attack/defense points just like in cities.
  • Most units now cost half to train and take half of the time.
  • X for 1 technologies now give twice the bonus.
  • Battles where attacker has over 1000 upkeep will be watchable immediately.
  • Strongholds will now spawn every 8 hours if there are no neutral Strongholds.
  • Troops can be removed from an assignment if they have not yet been dispatched.
  • Cities will leave more empty spaces between each other.
  • Lowered how much the Stronghold gates HP scales over time.
  • The base resources a Town Center gives you has now been increased to help early game.
  • Lowered the minimum time an assignment can have to be closer to the travel time.
  • Coming soon: Ability to move your city. More details when it's out.
Store Is Open!
The store is open. You can now purchase supporter achievements and a new Shipwrecked Pirate theme in the game.

After lots of hard work, the store is open. You can now purchase supporter achievements and a new Shipwrecked Pirate theme in the game.

Here's a little walkthrough of the store:

1. New store button on the menu bar

2. Here's the store. You can purchase achievements and/or the new Shipwrecked Pirate theme. We'll be adding more items soon.

3. Here's the Shipwrecked Pirates set

You can also see all thats included in it

4. When you choose to purchase it, you'll need to get yourself some coins

5. You can use your Paypal account or a credit/debit/prepaid card to complete the purchase

6. Once you've purchased a theme, you'll have different options for how to use it. You can either go right into the item details and change the wall, change which theme is used by default, and change all of your existing structures to a new theme.

Or you can select a specific structure and change its theme

You can really customize your look since you can pick and choose the theme for each structure in each city. You can even customize a Stronghold your tribe occupies if your chief has given you the rank to do so.

As always, nothing you can purchase in the store will give you any advantage in the game.

Other changes:
  • Raid is now the default setting when creating an attack/defense.
  • There is now a tribe permission for allowing others to edit the tribe announcement.
  • Tribe permission that allows others to change Stronghold theme.
Update 85
Added ability to edit assignment description and fixed a bug where the stronghold gate would not be restored to full HP after it was taken over.
Update 84
Lowered the Archers damage against Cavalry, removed iron requirements for building Workshop, lowered Helepolis laborer cost at higher levels, and some bug fixes. View the entire changelog for more details.

  • Archer modifier against Cavalry has been lowered to 0.75 (previously it was 1).
  • Workshop now has a lower barrier to entry. We've lowered the requirements on Blacksmith and Armory so you only need a level 1 of each. We've also removed the iron costs from the first 3 levels of Workshop. It should now be possible to build Workshops earlier in the game.
  • Helepolis after level 5 will now only cost 1 laborer to train (previously was 2 laborers).
  • New players will now receive a private message the first time they are attacked with some useful information about combat.
  • Fixed an issue where if you had small amounts of Blacksmith upgrades would not impact targeting order.
  • Fixed an issue with Tunnel Excavation. It will now lower the radius from the Town Center as well as other structures.
Update 83
Just a small hotfix patch to remove the iron cost from the Temporary Basement so you can build it from early game. Also fixed the summary description for the Training Ground Kickstart technology to have correct number of troops.
New world and update 82
We've introduced a new type of structure, the Temporary Basement, which will help you protect your resources while you are away. Also the battle has received some tweaks. Click this announcement to see all of the changes.

Temporary basements can be created from your normal basements and they will increase the amount of resources protected for either 6 or 12 hours.

We've also changed how attack points and defense points work. Players will only receive attack points when killing other players units in a city battle. They will also only receive defense points for units they directly kill while defending a city. Tribes will only receive attack and defense points for battles that take place in Strongholds. This should make the rankings more interesting this time since you'll really have to PvP in order to achieve the top player rankings for attack/defense points.

Congratulations to everyone in the previous world. We'll be giving out achievements for those who got top rankings in the next few days.

The following is a list of all the changes in this update:
  • New Temporary Basement structure. Read above for more details.
  • Changed how attack/defense points are awarded. Read above for more details.
  • You can now see how much resource your basements are protecting. Just click on a basement and take a look at the sidebar.
  • Knights will now stack to 20 instead of 10. This should make them not increase the gate time battle as much when attacking strongholds.
  • Defensive bonuses from the Armory will no longer affect how units target each other. This should help weaker players from being killed off first in large battles.
  • Troops that join in the middle of a battle will now have to wait until the following round to start attacking. They will not be able to attack nor will they receive attack until the following round
Update 81
This update brings map filters. You can now click on the world map legend to hide/show the different icons on the map. We also optimized the way your computer communicates to our servers to try and minimize the lag and allow you to play from restricted locations such as schools, work, and other public locations. If you have any problems connecting to the server, send us feedback asap.
Update 80
This update lowers the amount that the Stronghold gate will scale by about half. You can find the new values in this post. We also added a new image to the troop when they are over a wall so it looks much better.

Read the Stronghold Mechanics Guide in the "Scaling" section for the new changes.
Previous Graphics "Open Sourced"
We've put up all the previous game graphics for anyone to use who wishes to make their own games. You can find it on OpenGameArt at http://opengameart.org/content/tribal-hero-69-images
News article
Check out or news article about all the changes
New World
The new world with brand new graphics and tons of new features is up. Thanks for everyone who helped with this update. Click to see the specific changes.

  • The game now has a new look and structures have different sizes. This will affect how you build your city and roads. We'll be working on updating a few other things in the game like the unit icons soon. The new building sizes are as follows:
    Town Center
    Trading Post
    Training Ground/Barracks
    Tribal Gathering (higher tiers are also 1x1)
  • Added music to the game. There are 5 different tracks created by our very own player and mod, Sebovzeoueb. They will randomly play with pauses in between each track. You can mute the sound by using the mute icon above the minimap.
  • Forests no longer have levels. The amount of wood you receive and number of laborers you can have gathering from a forest is based on your Lumbermill.
  • The number you see next to a forest in the minimap now indicates how many players are currently gathering from that forest. A full forest consists of 8 players.
  • Blacksmith and Armories have been revamped. Blacksmith technologies affect how much damage your units deal to other specific unit types. Armories affect how much damage you take from specific unit types. For example, the Gladiator Offensive Boost technology will increase all of your units damage against Gladiator by 2%.
  • New Technology Overview tab in the City Overview panel which shows all of your technologies and how much bonus you are getting.
  • Cavalry damage has been reduced by 22%.
  • Reduced Helepolis labor cost and train time by 75%.
  • Increased Helepolis/Catapult initial upgrade cost but reduced the amount it increases at higher levels.
  • Helepolis/Catapult's speed now improves at higher levels.
  • Added Diet technologies to Training Ground to decrease upkeep.
  • New city influence point requirement has been raised by 30% to balance out the new larger structures.
  • Rush Attack and Rush Defense technologies have been moved to the Trading Post.
  • Rush Defense has been improved to make defending faster and easier.
  • Coordinated Attack and Coordinated Defense have been removed.
  • Stable, Barrack, Training Ground, and Workshop now have built-in technologies which allows you to immediatelly train units. There will be a message in the unit train dialog if units are being trained immediatelly. For more information, read about the "Kickstart" technologies, e.g. http://tribalhero.com/database/view/tri ... TECHNOLOGY
  • Fixed partially retreating units from one city to another.
Rankings ended as of Dec 5th. I have taken a snapshot of the ranking at that point in time and we'll be giving out achievements over the next week or so. A lot of people have asked us to hold off on resetting the server until after the holidays so we'll be scheduling it for the beginning of January. I'll post an exact date as we get closer to it. Congratulations to everyone :)