Game Rules

The following game rules have been created and must be followed at all times. If a player is caught breaking any of the rules below, their account may terminated without notice. There will be no compensation for any reason if an account is terminated. If you do not understand any of the following rules then contact us for clarification. These rules may change at any time and without notice, though we will try our best to let you know if there are changes.

Account Related

  1. Sharing account passwords with other players is not allowed.
  2. Actively playing multiple game accounts is prohibited. If a player decides they want to start a new account, then they are allowed to create a new account. They should no longer access their previous account and should use the in-game feedback system to let us know that an account is no longer active.
  3. The e-mail address used to register an account must belong to the person using the game account.
  4. The e-mail address used to register an account should be an e-mail address that is actively used. It should not be an e-mail address created for the sole purpose of registering the game account.
  5. If multiple accounts are being accessed from the same network or computer, the game may impose limits on the activity allowed between those accounts. An example would be limiting the resources traded between those accounts. You will receive an in-game notification if this happens to you. Using a proxy in order to exploit this rule is not allowed.
  6. Account sitting is currently not allowed since the game does not yet contain a feature to safely do so. Account sitting refers to the act of allowing another player to take care of your city while you are away for an extended period of time. The rules for account sitting will be updated once this feature has been implemented.

Bugs, Exploits, and Bots

  1. Using any sort of automated bot to play the game is strictly prohibited.
  2. If a bug is found, it should be immediately reported and must not be intentionally used to gain an advantage in the game.
  3. Creating any type of third party program to access the game is prohibited. The game should only be played through our website or through other official sources.

Expected Behavior

  1. Players are expected to be respectful of one another while playing the game.
  2. Spamming the chat with repeated messages, profanity, or advertisements is strictly prohibited.
  3. Spamming players through private messaging is also prohibited. If a player asks you to stop contacting them, you should do so.
  4. Vulgar behavior or excessive use of profanity is not allowed in the game.
  5. Players may also be muted/banned if we receive an excessive amount of complaints from other players due to their behavior.
  6. More information about behavior can be found on our terms of service.

Any player who has reason to believe they have been wrongfully muted/banned may send an appeal by using either the feedback system or by sending an email directly to giulianob ( giulianoATtribalheroDOTcom ). Please give us at least 24 hours to read and reply to any appeals.

It's important to remember that moderators are players just like you. If you wish to become a moderator or you are interested in exactly what it is they do, check out the Moderator Code of Conduct for more information.